Sunday, December 20, 2015

When Bed bugs bug you!

When Bed bugs bug you!
 A Christmas Miracle
By David Hersh
Sylvia awoke one morning with a small bite on her ankle. A week later she received three more bites, one on the ankle and two on her arm. After four weeks, Sylvia was getting up to a dozen bites at night, some swelling up to the size of a quarter, itching. Sylvia suspected bedbugs, and she thought a new mattress would solve the problem. This didn’t work because the bugs were all over the room. She moved into her other bedroom infesting that room, also. Sylvia lived with the Bedbugs for over one year, embarrassed to tell anyone, including her children, of her problem. She tried killing the bugs with toxic pesticides from the local hardware store, used mattress covers, prayer, and hoped they would just go away. 
Exhausted from not sleeping, Sylvia finally called locally owned A Healthy Home.  In tears she said she felt ashamed that in spite of trying to keep a clean home, her home had in fact become infested with Bed bugs. The owner assured her that Bed bugs in fact do not care how clean your home is, they are only interested in two things, a place to call home, where they can lay their eggs, and human blood for food. The bite marks she got were the result of an allergic reaction to the bugs injecting some saliva as an anesthetic before they feed.  They feed  (mostly) at night, and get away clean. This company was able to eliminate the problem using only Organic Non-hazardous (MSDS) products. The Environmental Protection Agency requires all products which impact on the environment to have a Material Safety Data Sheet, which describes the hazards to people and the environment.  In addition, the EPA has become concerned that Bed bugs can become resistant to common chemical pesticides used by most exterminators.  
Now that bedbugs have become such a common menace, it is important to hire an exterminator that uses only Organic pesticides which are safe for you, your children, and your pets, and which have been proven safe for the environment.